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Hyaluron pen

Hyaluron Pen Treatment – Is it Worth it?


If you keep your eye on current celebrity fashion trends, then you will know that it is all about having big plump lips. There are several different ways to boost your lip line. From temporary measures like lip plumping gloss, through to the more radical surgical solutions. But if you want something newer that avoids the use of needles, then the Hyaluron Pen Treatment could be just right for you!

What Does It Do?


We know that fashion and beauty trends come and go. No doubt you, like us, have a few fashion howler photos kicking around from when previous trends were in. However, making changes like having bigger more poutier lips due to a medical procedure are not so easy to get over. So, what the Hyaluron Pen treatment aims to do is give you similar results to a lip injection treatment, just in a less invasive, less permanent fashion.

Where Does It Come From? 


Whilst this may be a relative newcomer to the beauty marketplace the Hyaluron Pen technology has been around for quite a while. The Pen has been being used by diabetics to insert insulin into the skin for decades. The technology has been adapted and is now being used to insert hyaluronic acid into the lips, neck and face all without the need to use invasive needles. The technique is said to be less abrasive than other treatments and leaves you with significantly less bruising and swelling than other procedures.

How Does It Work?


The Hyaluron Pen shoots a sample of hyaluronic acid into the target area say the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that the body naturally produces. This means that there is less chance of there being an allergic reaction amongst users of this treatment. Hyaluronic acid is used by the body to retain water in the skin. As we age its ability to bind with water becomes reduced. This means that the skin on our face, lips and forehead tends to look less youthful. This treatment restores the hyaluronic acid in the skin and therefore restores the youthful appearance of our skin.

Is It Worth It?


By the sheer volume of different types of lip fillers, lip plumper’s, lip implants and other products available on the market then you know that any treatment that is said to help give you bigger fuller lips is going to be closely looked at. So far results are very positive. Though the treatment hasn’t been around all that long yet, so it is still something to be watched

Where Can I Get the Treatment?


Whilst there are do it yourself kits available on Amazon, as with any medical procedure we would recommend it being administered by a trained professional. If you want to become a trained professional in this new procedure, then LV College is running courses that enable you to become certified to administer this procedure. So, check out our availability and then know that you will soon be plumping your way to great looking lips.

Can i learn Hyaluron Pen? (HyaWand official name for the tool)


We at LV college offer comprehensive Hyaluron Pen courses from £895.00 to £1895. This fast track option is great for therapists with experience in beauty. If you do not have experience we recommend our 2 day full Hyaluron pen course. Speak to an LVC adviser for the most suitable course for you.


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