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Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course


Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course

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  • Learn Scalp Micropigmentation with this 2 Day Intensive Fast-Track Small Class Training Course
  • LIVE MODELS to work on as part of your training (All models provided by LVC)
  • Small Class Sizes with Master Technicians & Educators
  • Main Training Centre: London | Regional Centres: Edinburgh, Manchester, Southampton, Milton Keynes, Bristol
  • 5 Star After-Support
  • Courses on Weekdays and Weekends
  • Payment Plans available
  • Speak to us on 020 7993 55 44

Pay £150 deposit to reserve your place

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Course Summary

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course (2 Day Intensive & Fast Track Small Class Option) – SM1

The UK’s No.1 Micropigmentation & SPMU Training Centre

  • At the end of the course you will be ready to work on your own models and clients.
  • Our 5 Star after support is why we are the choice of leading therapists and technicians
  • We specialise in Micropigmentation, Nanoblading, SPMU and PMU.
  • Our educators are industry experts with vast knowledge
  • On completion of the training course you will be certified and ready to obtain your insurance to start doing treatments

Call us on 020 7993 55 44 to find out more or visit us at the Professional Beauty Show (London ExCel), The Olympia Beauty Show, Beauty UK (NEC Birmingham) or Professional Beauty North (Manchester) – we are key sponsors. You will also be able to see Kim Hunjan – Senior Technical Director live on stage demonstrating all the latest techniques from the world of Micropigmentation, Nanoblading, SPMU and PMU.

During your training you will work on live models and have professional photos taken for your portfolio



What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, otherwise known as SMP, is the process of applying pigment to the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles. Similar to tattooing, the ink used during scalp micropigmentation permanently marks the scalp, giving the look of a full head of hair that has been shaved, or adding density to hair that may be thinning.

For many people suffering with hair loss, Alopecia or scarring, this cosmetic treatment offers a life-changing, viable and long-term solution.

As a practitioner, scalp micropigmentation requires in-depth training, specialised equipment and extensive knowledge and skill. The process consists of multiple sessions in which carefully selected pigment is implanted into the scalp using specialised needles.

There are many benefits to SMP, such as:

  • It does not scar the skin
  • It can effectively hide Alopecia
  • It creates natural-looking results
  • It works for all ages, skin colours and degrees of hair-loss
  • The treatment is largely undetected by friends and family
  • It can beautifully camouflage existing scars
  • It is a non-invasive treatment

A successful SMP treatment can last for several years. However, clients may choose to return at their own discretion; to update their style inline with current hair trends, perhaps, or simply to freshen up their look.


Training with LVC Aesthetics

With over 8 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing the best quality of service and building strong relationships with our clients. We want to help you be the best you can be through professional training from our expert tutors.

If you want to make a real difference to the lives of your clients, then our SMP training course is for you. We’ll teach you the very best of our industry-leading knowledge and experience, plus give you the chance to practice what you’re learning in practical sessions. Our course is structured to teach you the theory behind SMP, too, so you can perform the procedure with both expertise and context.

Once you have completed your training, you’ll receive your certificate of accreditation. You’ll also be encouraged to enjoy the benefits of our post-training support, which will help you put your learning into practice and continue to excel in your chosen field.

So, if you’re looking to open your own studio and become self-employed or simply want to broaden the services you offer to your existing clients, with the help of our master educators at LVC Aesthetics, you’ll be able to build yourself a bright future.



Understanding the scalp

In this module, you’ll learn about the natural cycles of hair growth and loss, plus develop a deep understanding of the different medical and genetic conditions that can result in hair loss.


Alternative treatments

In this module, you’ll learn about alternative treatments to SMP, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), infusions, hair transplant surgery, hair replacement systems and topical applications. Though many SMP clients have usually experienced unsuccessful alternative treatments, it’s important you’re able to discuss various options at length, so your client can make an informed decision about which treatment is best for them.


Understanding your client

In this module, you’ll learn the importance of understanding your clients’ condition and needs, plus how to find which treatment option is best for them. We’ll teach you how to assess your client’s scalp with the Norwood Scalp Classification, which will help you determine their treatment plan. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to listen and empathise with your client, which is the key to your success.


Treating pattern baldness and Alopecia

In this section, you’ll learn about the different types of Alopecia and pattern baldness, plus when and how best to treat these conditions.


The solution for surgical scars and conditions

Through a series of case studies and practical sessions, this section will broaden your knowledge of hair transplant surgery, surgical trauma, and skin grafts. Not all scars are created equal, so understanding the differences between various skin traumas and how best to treat them is a vital skill for any practitioner.


Choosing the right needle

SMP needles are highly specialised, so this section of the course will teach you all aspects of needle technique, plus how to choose the correct needle for your treatment.


Scalp colouration

This section covers the different colour options available, plus the advantages and disadvantages of permanent inks and pigments.


How to price your services

In this section, we’ll teach you how to cost your services through various cost examples and guidelines, enabling you to price your treatments competitively.


Gain hands-on, practical experience

We believe in the power of practical experience to cement your learning, so during the course you’ll get multiple opportunities to put your theory into practice.


Understanding hairlines

Hairlines are as unique as the people who have them, with age, variations in skin type, and positioning of the hairline complicating things further. This section of the course will help ensure you can provide professional, effective results for your individual clients’ needs.


Your 4-day agenda

At LVC Aesthetics, we’ll first provide you with a home study manual to support your learning. This course handbook covers:

  • Legislation and start-up requirements
  • Consultations and contraindications
  • The origins of micropigmentation
  • Hygiene, health and safety – PPE
  • Treatment room requirements
  • Insurance and UK legislation
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Specialised needles and equipment
  • Understanding the client
  • Colour theory
  • Pain control
  • Marketing
  • Pigments
  • Skin

The first four days of your training course will be comprised of both theory sessions and practical demonstrations. Our LVC Aesthetics experts will review what you’ve learned during these first four days to ensure you have a deep understanding of the training material and procedures.

On day two, you’ll see live demos from our expert tutors, then get the opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt on synthetic skin. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to try your hand at performing SMP on one of our models.

On days three and four, you’ll get the opportunity to practice practical treatments on your model under expert supervision. You’ll also receive your certificate of attendance at the end of this day.

On-Completion you will be officially qualified and free to provide life-changing, expert procedures for your clients.


The financial benefits of SMP

SMP is a great skill to have as a practitioner because the material outlay of this service is low.

There are two ways you can charge for your services. These are:

  • Per area
  • Per customer

The Norwood Scale is a widely accepted guideline for pricing your services. This scale uses  geographical area and level of technician’s expertise to calculate the suggested cost of service.


Next steps

At LVC Aesthetics, we can’t wait to help you advance your career and deepen your knowledge of your chosen field.

Here’s some important information about your next steps.


How do I choose my course dates?

Give us a call on 020 7993 55 44 or email us at to check availability and find a course date that works for you.


How does payment work?

A £250 deposit is required when you book. The remainder can be paid on a payment plan.

Additional information


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