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How Good is BB Glow?

You might not have heard of BB Glow this is the latest beauty treatment coming out of beauty parlours of Korea. Imagine never having a buy another BB cream yet having always waking up with gorgeous skin. This is the promise of this great treatment.

Can BB Glow Be That Good?

Few people are lucky enough to be able to just wake up, apply a little BB cream or concealer and be ready to go. Even if you eat right, drink water, take your make off before going out, don’t drink too much alcohol, don’t smoke and get regular exercise you likely still won’t have a flawless complexion. Yet with just a little bit of beauty magic with this treatment then you can achieve what feels like the unachievable.

What is the BB Glow Treatment?

 The treatment itself is a micro-needling procedure that involves injecting a semi-permanent BB cream into the skin. The treatment itself lasts anywhere from six months to twelve months. It is designed to make it look like you have just applied the perfect BB cream with your beauty blender and that you are ready to go. It will eliminate redness, cover up any flaws and defects in the skin and deal with hyperpigmentation. This treatment will give you your best-ever skin without you having to do a thing.

How Does BB Glow Work?

If you are familiar with micro-needling, then you will know how this treatment works. It involves puncturing the skin with some very small needles that are filled with makeup. The makeup used will have been specifically blended by your clinician to match your skin tone. This is similar to having a pigment tattoo across your entire face; however, this isn’t permanent. The BB glow cream is special.

What Does BB Glow do for me?

 As well as giving you a great all-over skin tone, the treatment also improves skin elasticity and helps boost the production of collagen. So, you will look your fabulous best for the next six months to a year without having to do very much at all. Once you have tried this treatment you will never look back and wonder how you lived without it.

What Does BB Glow Involve?

The procedure itself is relatively straightforward. It takes just three hours for a single treatment and an hour of this time is numbing time. To achieve the best effect, you just need two treatments and then you are good for up to the next year. The treatment isn’t suitable for those suffering from certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, but otherwise, anyone can make the most of it.

Where Can I Learn about BB Glow Treatment?

Several training colleges are now starting to instruct people in this treatment. LV BB glow courses are a cut above the rest we offer two-day course instructing clinicians in how to apply this treatment. The course comes highly recommended and uses EMBO equipment and products to ensure that you get certified as quickly as possible. Courses are available throughout the UK.

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