VTCT Level 4 Micropigmentation (8 Day & Small Class Option)


VTCT Level 4 Micropigmentation (8 Day & Small Class Option)

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  • Learn Micropigmentation with this 8 Day Small Class Training Course
  • LIVE MODELS to work on as part of your training (All models provided by LVC)
  • Small Class Sizes with Master Technicians & Educators
  • Main Training Centre: London | Hotel Packages Available
  • 5 Star After-Support
  • Courses on Weekdays and Weekends
  • Payment Plans available
  • Speak to us on 020 7993 55 44

You can pay £250 deposit to book


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Course Summary

VTCT Level 4 Micropigmentation (8 Day & Small Class Option)

The UK’s No.1 Micropigmentation & SPMU Training Centre

  • At the end of the course you will be ready to work on your own models and clients.
  • Our 5 Star after support is why we are the choice of leading therapists and technicians
  • We specialise in Micropigmentation, Nanoblading, SPMU and PMU.
  • Our educators are industry experts with vast knowledge
  • On completion of the training course you will be certified and ready to obtain your insurance to start doing treatments

Call us on 020 7993 55 44 to find out more or visit us at the Professional Beauty Show (London ExCel), The Olympia Beauty Show, Beauty UK (NEC Birmingham) or Professional Beauty North (Manchester) – we are key sponsors. You will also be able to see Kim Hunjan – Senior Technical Director live on stage demonstrating all the latest techniques from the world of Micropigmentation, Nanoblading, SPMU and PMU.

During your training you will work on live models and have professional photos taken for your portfolio




✓            ONGOING SUPPORT



✓            ALUMNI ACCESS


Course Structure

Machine brows – 3 days initial training

Eyeliner, lipliner and blush – 3 days initial training

You will also be required to do 12 case studies in total (4 for each technique) and assignments in your own time + 2 more final assessment days & exam

We will provide all your models while you train in our centre


Course Overview

Day 1

  • Health & Safety
  • Pathogens and blood transmission prevention
  • Sterilisation and preparation of the workspace
  • Safe practices for semi-permanent cosmetics
  • Client consultation & consent form
  • Pre-treatment information
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Facial anatomy & major facial muscles
  • Different skin types
  • Skin tones, compatible pigments and choosing
  • Correct selection of eyebrow shape, depending on the shape of the face
  • Practical case studies – fundamental eyebrow design practice design on different models & examples
  • Designing eyebrows – basic principles and advanced precision techniques
  • Hair stroke patterns
  • Colour Theory
  • Mixing colours
  • Brow Mapping & Measuring
  • How to use all your pro tools and equipment
  • Practical on Fake Skin
  • Practical on face charts and shapes
  • Practising Hair Strokes
  • You will be given homework
  • Prices to charge clients & estimated profit margins
  • Supplier details with lifetime 25% off trade card
  • Marketing tools
  • Insurance details


Subsequent Days:

  • Setting up your treatment area – Your bed, your trolley, equipment
  • Conducting your client consultation
  • Pre-procedure advice and contraindications
  • Selecting the right pigment for your client
  • Using a SPMU Machine
  • Changing the different settings and options for Brows, Lips, Eyeliner
  • Differences between needles/cartridges and the purpose of each one: 1P, 3P, 5P, 7P, 1FP, 3FP, 5FP, 7FP
  • Re-cap of face shapes, brow design, brow mapping, measuring
  • When to use EMBO Nanoblading How to use pigments with EMBO Machine Needles
  • Practise on fake skins:
  1. Powder brow techniques
  2. Shading Techniques
  3. Eyeliner styles & techniques
  4. Lip Blush
  5. Practising with different needles
  • Pigment selection, colour theory, choosing the correct pigment


Full day Live Model practical’s – you will be working on Live Models – AM and PM

Plus you will also be learning and delivering:

  • Post-procedure care
  • The process of healing
  • Care against sun exposure and premature discolouration


Your Professional Kit Includes:

  • EMBO SPMU Machine
  • EMBO Eyebrow Pigments
  • EMBO Eyeliner Pigments
  • EMBO Lipblush Pigments
  • Full case of supplies to work on up to 15 clients immediately upon completion of the course


Upon Completion of the Course:

  • You will receive at VTCT L4 Certificate in Micropigmentation
  • Ongoing mentoring and support
  • Complimentary refresher sessions for all alumni students who wish to build their confidence


Current Course Offer: £4995.00 all inclusive

How do I choose my course dates?

Give us a call on 020 7993 5544 or email us at office@lvcollege.co.uk to check availability and find a course date that works for you.

How does payment work?

A £750 deposit is required when you book. The remainder can be paid on a payment plan.

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