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Microblading Conference at Pro Beauty 2019

Microblading Conference at Pro Beauty 2019

Korean Nanoblading #kNanoblading

With the growing influence of Social Media Influencers, Insta-models and picture-perfect reality T.V. contestants, the need and desire for flawless beauty products and treatments is at an all-time high. It therefore came as no surprise to see that the fan-favourite attraction at the LV College sponsored Beauty U.K. event was any and everything ‘Korean Nanoblading’ related.

The event, hosted February 2019, was a huge success and provided attendees to see and experience first hand the LV College (Licensed and Trained) Beauty Therapists showcasing their talents, at the Korean Nanoblading (Microblading Conference).

For those unfamiliar with the treatment, Korean Nanoblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment which involves shaping the eyebrows in a bespoke manner to fit each client’s facial features. The use of an ultra-fine nano tool allows for the creation of natural hair-like strokes to match the real eyebrow hair. The shape, colour and thickness of the eyebrows can be adjusted and perfected with the mere brush of the tool. Its growing popularity and accessibility have answered the prayers of the thousands (if not, millions) of beauty enthusiasts who have had to deal with the laborious task of pencilling in their own brows in their desire to get ‘that perfect selfie’, only to grow frustrated with the slightest, but often inevitable, mis-stroke. It is also viewed as a less invasive, and therefore preferred, method to the ‘traditional’ eyebrow tattoo.

The process requires great attention to detail and precision. It has come to be revered as so much more than a treatment – its is an artform. One which requires enormous skill – something that the LV College Beauty Therapists have in abundance and were more than happy to demonstrate at Pro Beauty U.K. event. Attendees of the conference were treated to the full Korean Nanoblading experience and they came by the hundreds. The LVC Therapists were kept on their feet and did an amazing job in both meeting the high demand and delivering the best treatments at the biggest and best London show of its kind.

Below you can find the video of how it went down at the Pro Beauty Event. The treatments provided were of the highest standard and the level of professionalism and dedication to the craft, exhibited by the LVC Beauty Therapists, was second to none. There was nothing but positive feedback from those who were fortunate enough to have their brows sculpted and we are extremely proud of how the treatments were received.

We hope you enjoy the footage.

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