Hyaluron Pen Course – HP1


Hyaluron Pen Course – HP1

  • Learn the most innovative advanced lip and skin treatment
  • Hyaluron Pen /Gun Advanced Fast Track Training – using EMBO Hyaderma and EMBO Hyajuve products
  • Official Certified Training
  • LIVE MODELS to work on as part of your training course (All models provided by LVC)
  • Small Class Sizes with Master Technicians & Educators
  • Main Training Centre: London | Regional Centres: Edinburgh, Manchester, Southampton, Milton Keynes, Bristol
  • 5 Star After-Support
  • Courses on Weekdays and Weekends
  • Payment Plans available
  • Speak to us on 020 7993 55 44
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  • London Centre Location


Hyaluron Pen Course Certified Official Training (HP1) – Hyaderma | Hyajuve


What is Hyaluron Pen Treatment?

This is a non-invasive treatment allowing the administration of Mesotherapy, Fat dissolving / Lipolysis and Bio Revitalising

How does it work?

The EMBO Hyaluron Pen works by implanting your chosen product through the skin. The EMBO HP Device pushes the product at a high enough pressure to allow the liquid to penetrate the skin membranes.

Dermal Fillers, Lipolysis and Mesotherapy Needle-free!

This has revolutionised the aesthetics industry – become one of the first technicians to offer this in your area now.

The EMBO Hyaluron Pen allows the technician to insert the chosen product into the dermal layer of the skin – the Dermis.

The products used are generally of medium to low viscosity. This allows for the best results and maximum take-up.


Other Notable points about EMBO Hyaluron Pen Treatment:

  • The EMBO Hyaluron Pen Treatment is a non-invasive treatment
  • Pain-free, bruising-free
  • Treatment Is suitable for the majority of people with general good health
  • Treatment times vary from 15 – 60mins
  • Swelling and redness post-treatment is normal – lasting 3-4 days
  • Treatment costs: £175 – 350 (cost depends on the treatment area/amount of product required)
  • Popular Services offered with EMBO Hyaluron Pen Treatments:
    • Lip Enlargement / Enhancement / Shaping
    • Reducing wrinkles
    • Hair Loss Treatment
    • Increasing skin elasticity
    • Lipolysis
    • Stretch Mark Reduction
  • One session is usually all that is required to perform a successful treatment
  • The product usually used is a naturally occurring substance; it’s a large component of skin – Hyaluronate
  • On completion of the training you will immediately be certified and ready to perform treatments on models and clients





✓            ONGOING SUPPORT



✓            ALUMNI ACCESS


Call us on 020 7993 55 44 to find out more or visit us at the Professional Beauty Show (London ExCel), The Olympia Beauty Show, Beauty UK (NEC Birmingham) or Professional Beauty North (Manchester) – we are key sponsors. You will also be able to see Kim Hunjan – Senior Technical Director live on stage demonstrating all the latest techniques from the world of Nanoblading, Microblading & Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU).

During your training you will work on live models and have professional photos taken for your portfolio


Course Summary

EMBO Hyaluron Gun (Pen) Precision Device Training (Fast Track Small Class Option) – HP1 – 2 Days

Day 1:   Theory & Practical Day

  • Health & Safety, Hazards
  • Client Suitability
  • Hyaluronic Acid – what is it, what does it do, how does it work, what happens once inside the dermis
  • Facial anatomy and skin anatomy
  • Client consultation
  • Learning the device, settings
  • Treatment practise
  • Preparing your treatment area and your client
  • Selecting the correct product for your client


Day 2:   LIVE Model Day

  • You will be working on live models
  • Post-procedure care
  • The process of healing
  • Care against sun exposure and premature discolouration
  • Tutor feedback and suggestions
  • Supplier details with lifetime 25% off trade card
  • Prices to charge clients & estimated profit margins
  • Marketing tools
  • Insurance details


You will receive a full professional kit with your training, including:

  • EMBO Hyaluron Gun (Pen) Precision Device
  • 2 Hyaluronate Face Masks – Hyaderma
  • 2ml of Hyaluronate Lip Filler Product – Hyaderma
  • 2ml of Face Rejuvenation Product – Hyajuve
  • 5 x injection cartridges

You will be ready to work on clients on completion of your training.

Call us now to find out more – 020 7993 55 44