Nanoblading is form of semi-permanent makeup using the finest and smallest needles formed into a blade or a fine-point needle with the machine. The finer the blades produces more natural yet defined results to suit everyone.
Microblading and Korean Nanoblading are very similar in terms of the actual procedure, the only difference is in the size of the needles. We teach BOTH in our courses.
LVC Korean Nanoblading & Microblading courses are either 2 or 5 days so you’re looking at 2 full days if you’re doing the Korean nanoblading course (handheld) or 5 full days if you’re doing both the Korean and Japanese course. It doesn’t just end there, we regularly invite students back in for model days or even a refresher course if you didn’t quite grasp it on the first course.
We will teach you literally EVERYTHING you need to know which includes health & safety, brow mapping, pigment selections, shaping, kit items, how to market yourself, hair stroke patterns, prep and aftercare, pigment retention, different skin types and load more! All of our tutors have had their eyebrows done so they can instruct you on the details. If you’re booking the 5 day course you’ll learn handheld hair strokes, powder brows, ombre and how to use the embo precision machine. The machine and kit is also included for you to keep!
The two day course is £1895 and the 5 day course is £4995 this price includes a FULL pro kit, pigments, live models and hands-on training. Our prices are very competitive and a lot cheaper than most other academies.
Yes of course.
Our courses are held nationwide, however today we have special offers on all London, Birmingham and Manchester courses.
Yes of course! We can come out to your salon or home salon, just let us know the details so we can arrange it.

The courses are held from 10am-5/6pm but of course, sometimes they can overrun depending on how long your treatment takes.

We provide all models for you, however if you’ve got a special someone in mind who you would like to bring as a model, this can be arranged.
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